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Games People Play Registration

Call Open Until Filled

About the Show:

Call to Artists: Get ready for our first CVAC member show of 2024 – “Games People Play.”

The phrase “Games People Play” can embrace & extend beyond sports, literal (board) games & competitions. It encompasses many aspects of human interactions. We invite artists to delve into psychological, social & even political dimensions, examining power dynamics, loyalty, deception & the roles people play in different contexts. Artists can draw inspiration from personal experiences, societal observations or broad reflections on the multifaceted nature of games people play.

Sample Concepts/Directions:

  1. Power Dynamics: Delve into the subtle & overt ways people jockey for position, influence & power in different settings.
  2. Relationships: Explore the complexities of dating, friendships & relationships. Consider things like surprise, betrayal, loyalty & cooperation.
  3. Societal Games: Examine how societies, institutions & groups engage in strategic maneuvers. Reflect on win-win scenarios & zero-sum games.
  4. Consumerism & Commercialism: Address the persuasive tactics used in consumer culture & how individuals navigate the game of commercial persuasion.
  5. Identity & Disguise: Consider how fashion & the choices people make in self-presentation speak to identity.
  6. Communication: Explore the games played during communication, from clarity to misleading messages, & how individuals navigate these dynamics.
  7. Group Dynamics: Examine the dynamics of committees & group think, considering how collective decisions & power plays unfold.

We’re looking forward to a thought-provoking exhibition, rich with insightful works from CVAC members!

Information to know before entering:

Show dates – January 9 to 31, 2024.

CVAC Members can enter up to 2 pieces

Get early bird pricing at $20 per piece from Oct 16 to October 29. (Early Bird Pricing has passed)

Regular pricing begins Oct. 30 at $25 per piece.

Registration closes when the number of pieces reaches capacity.

Drop off – January 8 (10 am to 2 pm)

Register Below

For information on artwork hanging requirements, visit our page here.

2687 James Street
Duncan, British Columbia V9L 2X5 Canada