Art will combine with science and natural history to deliver a powerful message about the importance of our watersheds in the Cowichan Valley, all through the lens of art.

Watch the inspiring watershed webinars by clicking the links below

Watershed Talk (Traynor and Rutherford)

Watershed Talk (Hunter)

Watershed Talk -Groundwater (Slade)

As the centrepiece, CVAC is hosting the Watershed Art Show, Aug. 27 to Sept. 25 at its large gallery in the Cowichan Community Centre.

For Artists:   Drop off Wednesday Aug 25  

The inspiration for the show and programs will be the seven aspirational targets set by the Cowichan Watershed Board – everything from estuary health to protected riverside habitats and clean drinking water.  Activities for families will include outdoor painting and crafts.

“Our goal is to use an experiential, artistic approach to raising awareness in the Cowichan community about the value of managing our watersheds wisely,” said CVAC President Janet Magdanz. “Art is a great way to help people experience nature.”

 Aspirational Targets:

Cowichan Watershed Targets for a Healthy and Sustainable Ecosystem

1) River Flows – We want to ensure that Cowichan River summer flows are at levels that support the needs of people and fish.

2) Fish – We want healthy fish populations in the watershed.

3) Water Quality – We want clean water in our watershed.

4) Estuary Health – We want to be able to eat shellfish from Cowichan Bay.

5) Riparian Habitat – We want to protect and enjoy the benefits of healthy stream, lakefront, and estuary habitats.

6) Watershed Knowledge- We want Cowichan watershed residents to increasingly know and value their watershed. We can’t fully value what we don’t understand.

7) Wise Water Use – We want Cowichan watershed residents to use water wisely