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CVAC 50th Anniversary Fine Arts Show Jury Members:

Rod Corraini
Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Rod Corraini graduated from the University of Victoria in 1987 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree specializing in Visual Fine Arts. He gained expertise in drawing, painting, encaustic, metal casting, mixed media and many forms of printmaking.

He has had solo art shows at “The Old School House”(Qualicum), “The Nanaimo Art Gallery”, “The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria”, “Gallery Traca” (Montreal), “The Oceanside Community Arts Council”(Parksville), “The Nanaimo Art Gallery”, “The Zephyr Gallery”(Montreal), “The Mailliard Arts Council”(Gravelbourg Saskatchewan), “The Rollin Arts Centre “(Port Alberni) and the Portals Gallery(Duncan).

Corraini has work in collections all over North America, South America, Europe, Oceana, and Asia. He has encaustic painting in the private Huawei Corporate collection in Beijing.

Rod likes to address personal stories, experiences, mythologies and social views. He has used most mastered mediums mentioned to express these thoughts.

Brian Simons
Brian Simons is a self-taught artist, and has derived much of his inspiration from the “Group of Seven”, the French Impressionists, and the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh (Bahá’í Faith). He was born in Niagara Falls and was trained and worked as an engineer in his early years. He began painting in 1980 and hasn’t stopped since. Simons paints almost every day.

He and his family live in Victoria, British Columbia and for many years he has supported his family through his painting and his acrylic painting workshops held throughout BC, Alberta and the United States. His work has won many awards on Vancouver Island as well as internationally and hangs in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, US, Europe and Australia. 

During the last several years, he has had many successes and completed several commissions for numerous collectors. David Skrypnyk Gallery in Victoria and the South Shore Gallery in Sooke and Hide And Seek Coffee Victoria all located in B.C. represent Simons work. In the US he is represented by Kamp Galleries, Chicago IL. (The Kamp’s closed the gallery, however still represent Simmons work) along with Wielerhouse Gallery, in Fort Worth, Texas.
Website: www.briansimons.com 

Claudia Lohmann
Born in Germany, Claudia Lohmann has been exposed to Art her entire life. Her father was an accomplished artist in landscapes, architecture, and still life. Claudia immigrated to Canada in 1995 with her husband and three children. With her family’s support and encouragement, she began to experiment in 2004 with various styles and mediums and has since come to favour acrylic paint on wood and canvas. Her paintings began with rudimentary geometric shapes in intricate patterns and bold colours in daring combinations. Although still rooted in her beginnings, her style since progressed into an ever more deliberate method featuring bold lineation and tincture with subtle shapes and symbolism. She calls it “Imaginative Geometric Abstract.”

Claudia’s work has since developed further into abstract paintings that are free from her traditional geometric shapes. Over the past years Claudia has been displaying her art in shows such as Sooke Fine Art Show, Sidney Fine Art Show, in the Federation of Canadian Artist Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver, at Nanaimo Fine Art Show, and in the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery. In 2015 Claudia became an AFCA member.

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