The 2023 TTaW show and sale runs from Nov 21 – Dec 16, 2023

What is Teeny Tiny?
Teeny Tiny is a seasonal show & sale that showcases works all under the size limit of 6″ x 6″ x 6″. 

Important Information

 All 2D and 3D work must not exceed 6″ in all directions.

There is no maximum for pricing, but there are minimum prices:

Single 2D item – Min. $50

Single Jewelry or 3D item – Min. $30
Painting/Photography/2D Series (Two paintings/photography/2D sold together) – Min. $90
3D Collections (2 or more items sold as a set) – Min. $30

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What is New for 2023

Clarified definition of “item” and pricing  (Defining how groups of smaller pieces are considered as one item with one fee) 

      • 1 jewelry item may include up to 2 sets of earrings, rings, etc, and /or a boxed set of no more than three related jewelry items, etc.; minimum of $30. – no maximum price.  Box in up to 6” x 6” jewelry boxes.  

        • 1 collection 3 D items (wood, ceramic, glass, etc.) may include 2 or more pieces; minimum $30. – no maximum price

          • 1 single painting/photography/2D item minimum $50. – no maximum price

            • 1 series painting/photography/2D item may include 2 pieces only.   Minimum $90. – no maximum price

              • 1 series of fabric art items may include 2 or more pieces.   Minimum $90. – no maximum price

            Hanging RequirementsNo wiring or hanging devices on backs of any 2 D works (canvas/photo etc. or on wooden cradles).  Items such as painted tiles etc., will require hanging apparatus.

            Restocking & Fees During this show buyers will take their purchases home with them right away. This means the show will be frequently changing and introducing new works. If your work sells you will be contacted and given the option to bring in another piece to replace it. The restocking fee is $8 per item. 

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