Art Show: Printmakers Only Group    Dates:  Oct. 30 to Nov. 13

A show by the Printmakers Only Group (known as POG) is a welcome annual event, and this year’s show, called Please Be Seated, features framed art, matted prints and cards from the 11 participating artists including local legends like Edie Miller and Beverlee MacLeod and familiar artists such as Jim Malo and Lynn Starter.

Other artists such as Charlotte Haggart, a member of POG since 2010, have been attracted to the medium because of the process. “I like the clarity and graphic quality of printmaking and the effect of images made of different materials imprinted into paper,” she said. Haggart has a UBC fine arts degree and a printmaking diploma from the Vancouver School of Art and worked for the National Film Board of Canada in film animation before moving west.

Demonstrations Haggart will be on site in the gallery on Tuesday mornings at 11 am. MacLeod will be doing demonstrations on Fridays during the run of the show.