Nov. 18, 2020

Creativity and Consciousness: Premonitory Artwork


Nov.18, 2020
1:00 pm


Creativity and Consciousness: Is there such a thing as premonitory artwork?

in the Studio with artist/author Destanne Norris

Book signing 1 pm
Reading and discussion 2 pm

Destanne Norris’s book, Leah’s Gift,  is the deeply moving story of the death of Destanne’s daughter Leah who drowned in 1995. It is the illustrations that are astounding since these premonitory paintings were created by Norris 10 years before her daughter was even born. Norris will be touring this book to various locations in BC and Alberta. She will read excerpts from Leah’s Gift and talk about both the artwork featured in the book and the writing process itself, as well as life-altering experience of losing a child.

Destanne Norris is an established artist based in Vernon, BC and is known for her luxurious landscape oil paintings that have featured the majestic mountain peaks  as well as the internal personal abstract landscapes that live within each of us. She has exhibited in both public, university and artist-run galleries. “The subject of this book is universal in the sense, as human beings, we all suffer loss — it’s part of life — whether that be a loved one, a relationship, health, career, finances, even a dream,” Norris explains. “I would love for the reader to feel moved to trust what they know to be true for themselves and to take action in their lives.”
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