“Art speaks to people in many different ways. It’s deeply personal. That’s what makes it so interesting and so powerful.”

Our network is growing. The Cowichan Valley Artists Directory showcases our members working across all genres of art. From painters and musicians, to writers and mixed-media artists, we are a collection of creators helping to define and develop the arts throughout the region.

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Reel Alternatives
Mediums: Drama
Harold Allanson
Mediums: Watercolour
Address: PO Box 712 Crofton, BC V0R 1R0
Description: Realistic style representative of my life as to where I've been, seen and done.
Angela Andersen
Jeanne Aten
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Philip Backwell
Mediums: Photography
Caitlin Bailey
Will Banman
Thing-a-ma-jig Creations
Mediums: Jewellery, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Description: Recycled found objects
Gail Barry
Carol Bednarski
Description: Contemporary artist
* Abstract/Impressionist
*. Bold, colourful, dynamic art
*. Acrylic, oil, multi media
*. Commissions welcome

My hope is that I can express what is authentic, true and beautiful in the world I experience, whether it is internal or external, and in so doing create connection with you, the viewer.

Being seen, connecting through ones art, that is the joy and privilege of being an artist.

Janet Bell
Susan Bigotte
Mediums: Printmaking
Susan Billings
Victoria Blouin
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Jennifer Bone
Jennifer Bone Creative
Mediums: Painting
Brenda Boreham
Mediums: Mixed Media
Carol Borrett
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Louise Braatz
Mediums: Visual Art
Wendy Bradshaw
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Judy Brayden
Mediums: Design, Mixed Media, Painting
Lindsay Burton
Lindsay Burton
Mediums: Painting
Barry Butler
Sharron Campbell
Mediums: Painting
Murray Cantelon
Mediums: Sculpture
Angela Carlson
Joyce Castle
Mediums: Visual Art
Carra Christy
Mediums: Acrylics, Oils, Watercolours, Mixed Media, Drawing, Sculpture
Description: 3rd year student in B.A. program at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo.
Joanne Circle
Mediums: Fibre, Sculpture, Visual Art
Clay Hub Collective
Mediums: Ceramics, Pottery, Sculpture
Lesley Comassar
Mediums: Fibre, Mixed Media
Rodney Corraini
Mediums: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Melanie Cossey
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art, Writing and Poetry
Maria Curtis
Mediums: Fibre
Gloria S. Daly
Rosemary Danaher
Mediums: Ceramics, Jewellery, Painting
Leah Day
Mediums: Visual Art
Description: I am a self trained artist in watercolour as well as acrylic . I love to paint a variety of subjects , but specifically landscapes and animals . However, I am always challenging myself with subjects that are outside my comfort zone to further develop my skill. I often do commission work, but recently have been taking a break to really develop my own artistic style.
Jozette DeBattista
Mediums: Painting, Photography, Sculpture
Lois DeEll
Mediums: Photography
René Deerheart
Dennis B Del Torre
Mediums: Mixed Media, Sculpture
Kate Denby
Taryn O'Gorman Designs
Terry Dheensaw
Kim Dibb
Mediums: Painting
Shirley Dickie
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art

Acrylics or Oils on stretched canvas.

Rachel Dobie
Miles Dobson
Donna Draper
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Wendy Duffield
Mediums: Mixed Media, Visual Art
Pauline Dunlop
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Christine Earl
Mediums: Fibre, Visual Art
Susan Edwards
Mediums: Painting
Geert Ehlers
Mediums: Acrylic
Address: 205 Marine Drive, Cobble Hill, BC V0R1L1
Description: Abstract
Brenda Estill
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Mediums: Ceramics, Painting, Pottery

Artist who enjoys using color and texture to reflect the emotion and beauty of life

Maureen Fatin
Mediums: Photography
Susan Fenwick
Mediums: Painting
Description: Inspired by the beauty and splendour of nature gives purpose to the seascapes, landscapes, and portarits I paint.
Kathie Fielding
Mediums: Printmaking
Dana Forsbloom
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Catherine Fraser
Mediums: Visual Art
Wanda Fraser
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Cindy Friesen-Ford Ashurst
Artsy Lady Studio
Evelyn Frisby
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Brigette Furlonger
Mediums: Photography, Writing and Poetry
Richard Gibson
Mediums: Glass, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Sculpture, Visual Art, Woodwork
Nan Goodship
Mediums: Ceramics, Painting
Dianne Goodwin

Animal portraits in pastel and watercolour, dog, cats and horses!

Doreen Green
Mediums: Visual Art
Charlotte Haggart
Mediums: Painting, Printmaking, Visual Art
Glenna Haggerty
Mediums: Calligraphy, Painting
Ellie Hallman
Mediums: Fibre
Regan Harris
Mediums: oil, acrylic
Description: Anything flaura and fauna
Willie Harvie
Mediums: Painting, Photography, Pottery
Rebecca Hazell
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art, Writing and Poetry

Both an artist and an author, I have illustrated many of the children's books I've written. On occasion I also do writing and editing for nonprofit organizations.

Mary Heath
Michele Heath
Mediums: Jewellery
Cheryl Hebb
Linda Helms
Mediums: Ceramics, Pottery

I use a variety of ceramic forms classical and modern to explore raku, saggar and smoke firing techniques. Please call 746 1907 for viewing of work.

Sheila Hepton
Bill Hibberd
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Laurel Hibbert
Mediums: Painting
Harriet Hiemstra
Mediums: Mixed Media
Lenore Hietkamp
Mediums: Painting
Description: I paint in acrylics, and I specialize in portraiture. I also paint animals--pets and birds in particular. My goal in capturing likenesses is to convey life, not through the precision of rendering but through the energy of wielding a large brush with skill and blending paint on the canvas. I prefer to paint large, up to 30x40", but am exploring painting small too--down to 6x6 inches (so far!). Find me online at
Linda Hohenacker
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Barbara Holland
Thomas Hutchings
Rebecca Hutchison
Mediums: Painting
Fay Hydes
Imagine That
Imagine That!
Mediums: Glass, Jewellery, Pottery, Textiles, Wood, Metal
Address: 251 Craig St., Duncan, BC V9L 1W2
Description: Our store in downtown Duncan is stocked with original art cards, pottery, enamels, stained glass, kimono, handbags, scarves, rugs, glass, jewellery, paintings, mosaics, papier mache, woodwork, and hand-made soaps. The variety of our artists and their work is always changing.
Claus Ingerslev Madsen
Mediums: Photography
Alison Irwin
Brenda Isaak Takao
Mediums: Mixed Media, Multimedia, Sculpture
Jane Isbrucker
Mediums: Fibre
Roger Jackson
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art

I paint in oil and acrylic, en plain air and studio, scenes of life, today and yesterday. I am a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Maple Bay Painters and the Cowichan Valley Arts Council, conducting workshops, demos and teaching with the CVRD recreation program, Elder College and various art groups. My work is in private collections in BC, Alberta, Ontario and UK.

Colin (Ted) Jarvis
Mediums: Woodwork
Gladys Javorsky
Jim Jenkins
Mediums: Painting, Photography
Address: P.O. Box 43, Honeymoon Bay, B.C. V0R 1Y0
Charronne Johnston
Etsuko Kaji-Holley
Mediums: acrylic, mixed
Description: Contemporary art; Abstract/Impressionist painter
Sherry Keith-King
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Heather Jane Kent
Mediums: Drama, Mixed Media, Visual Art
Address: 2872 Caswell Street Chemainus B.C. V0R 1K3
Description: Heather works  in watercolours, acrylics and assemblages. Her career in theatre and puppetry influences her art, using visual narratives to tell a story. She is passionate about community engagement and art education.
Rennie Knowlton
Mediums: Painting
Susan Koch
Mediums: Glass, Jewellery
Paul Konig
Mediums: Painting
Roman S Kononowicz
Mediums: Multimedia
Suzan Kostiuck
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Judy Kozler
Trish Laliberte
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Anne Langhout
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Joan Langtry
Mediums: Visual Art
Elizabeth LaRose
Mediums: Mixed Media, Visual Art
Susan Law
Mediums: Printmaking, Visual Art
Jennifer Lawson
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Patricia Lawton
Mediums: Fibre, Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Address: 1524 MAPLE BAY ROAD
Linda Lax
Mediums: Calligraphy, Visual Art
Mary Laycock
Bonnie Leighton
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Diane Lemke
Alina Lintea
Mediums: Mixed Media
Rachel Lloyd
Claudia Lohmann
Mediums: Acrylic on Wood
Description: Hard Edge Geometric Abstract
Kathryn Lowther

I paint oils and acrylics.

I take nature and bird photography, primarily Mexico, Hawaii and the Cowichan Valley.

Carolyn M McDonald
Mediums: Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting
Address: 4407 Kingscote Road
Cim MacDonald
Mediums: Painting, Photography
Jean Madison
Mediums: Painting
Judy Magnussen
Mediums: Painting
Dennis Malkin
Mediums: Sculpture, Woodwork
Address: 7900 Athabasca Place, PO Box 19 V0R1R0
Jim Malo
Mediums: Painting
Terri Mattin
Todd McAneeley
Mediums: Mixed Media, Sculpture, Woodwork
Address: 6311 ARDEA PL
Linda McBride
Paul McCuish

I build furniture, boxes and now and then boats. I'm not making a living at it, but my small house has no room for more so I sell to customers who want traditional or original handcrafted furniture that will last. I can work with customers to modify designs or select specialty materials to suit their taste.

Beverlee McLeod
Mediums: Instructor, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Sandra McPherson
Diane Mellott

Watercolour painter, miniatures, mandalas, botanicals.

Dorian Melton
Mediums: Mixed Media, Visual Art
Lynn Metalynngems
Mediums: Jewellery
Zosia Miller
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Wilma Millette
Mediums: Mixed Media
Joanne Mitchell
Mediums: Painting
Tony Mochizuki
Georgina Montgomery
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Description: I'm an abstract/contemporary artist working in mixed media, photography and paint. Chief among my creative influences: abstract expressionism, colour field painting and surrealism. The marvel that we exist, and time—the currency we spend for existing—are key themes that influence my art making. My aim is largely on interpreting and expressing visually what scientists, philosophers and poets have to say on both subjects. My focus in the last couple of years has been a photo-based project that harnesses crazed light. Using an unconventional “lens train”—and, by usual photography standards, imperfect technique—I can seemingly expand the content in any slice of time. The resulting art works, produced as archival pigment prints on fine art paper, capture the rich sensuality and complexity of paintings.
Joane Moran
Mediums: Painting
Christina Morrison
Christina Morrison Art
Mediums: Acrylic
Description: It is my goal to paint all of the Tug Boats on the West Coast of BC. Over 400! We live on an Island, Tug Boats are essential to our existence and I want this project to be a part of our Maritime History.
Rose Kamma Morrison
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Francoise moulin
Roberta Murchie
Paula Myers
Michael Niendorf
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Coleen Nimetz
Mediums: Fibre, Instructor
Doris Noels
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Astrid Notte
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Julie Nygaard
Mediums: Multimedia, Photography, Visual Art
Jennifer O'Brien
Janet Oakes
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Nancy Oliver
Mediums: Design, Photography, Visual Art
Carey Pallister
Taya Panek
Taya Panek Art
Loretta Paoli
Claude Paquette
Mediums: Glass, Multimedia, Woodwork
Patti Parkyn
Rena Parsey/Silverwolf
Mediums: Jewellery, Painting, Woodwork
Beverly Paterson
Mediums: Sculpture
Galliford-Jenkins Patricia
Glenn T Patterson
Mediums: Mixed Media
Barbara Pedersen
Mediums: Painting
Rachel Penney
Mediums: Photography
Pat Phillips
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Brenda Pon
Linda Richter
Mediums: Sculpture
Gillian Riordan
Mediums: Fibre, Mixed Media, Painting
Phil Robinson
Mediums: Painting, Photography, Writing and Poetry
Wendy Robison
Mediums: Instructor, Writing and Poetry
vanessa rocchio
Arnim Rodeck
Mediums: Woodwork
Address: 775 Arbutus Ave, Duncan, BC V9L 5X5
Description: Arnim Rodeck knows that all wood has its biography ingrained. Through faithful attention and countless hours of patient craftsmanship, Mr. Rodeck reveals the character that makes wood the vibrant, dynamic medium it is. He believes that the skilled human hand complementing nature’s intrinsic beauty is an indispensable counterbalance to our efficient, modernistic society.
Michael E. Rosen
Mediums: Photography

Nature and wild life photography.

Mimi Roy
Mediums: Jewellery

I up cycled English silver, Turkish copper and Indian brass plates, platters and serving trays into one of a kind jewelry and accessories.

" Saving the planet one platter at a time " Mimi Roy

Bev Russell
Mediums: Ceramics, Painting, Visual Art
Cam Russell
Magdala Rutherford
Mediums: Painting
Sandra Scambler
Mediums: Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting
Karola Schabernak
Bonnie Schmaus
Mediums: Painting
Goetz Schuerholz
Mediums: painting acrylic, sculpting stone, steel, bronze
Address: 1069 Khenipsen Road, Duncan BC, V9L 5L3
Terry-Lynn Schultz
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Veronica Scott
Mediums: Glass
Rupert Scow
Patt Scrivener
Mediums: Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Visual Art
Robert Sears
Mediums: Gallery, Painting, Visual Art
Jane Sheers
Jennifer Shepherd
Living Tapestries
Mediums: Fibre arts, graphic facilitation, photography, videography
Shannon Sheppard
Jules Sherred
Polaris Creative
Mediums: Photography
Address: #103-255 Ingram St Duncan BC V9L 1P3
Description: With a keen eye and attention to detail along with the philosophy that food should evoke the trifecta of memory, emotion, and hunger in people, Jules Sherred is an unparalleled emerging talent in the field of food and lifestyle photography. Based in Duncan, BC, Sherred works as a photographer, writer, journalist, and outspoken advocate for disability and trans rights. He is an official contributor to Getty Images, a staff writer for Fstoppers news site, an instructor for professional photographers looking to expand their skills, and is an accredited food photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada. Sherred’s history behind the camera goes back decades, from growing up in a household that encouraged photography to being an active member in various photography clubs. His experience during that time instilled the art and science needed to be a quality photographer, but it wasn’t until 2019 when he started his web site, Disabled Kitchen and Garden, that he began to develop his food photography skill. Disabled Kitchen and Garden was born out of the need to include disabled people in the conversation around food. Through the site, Sherred’s focus was to write about his own experience as a disabled person by sharing the benefits and joys of accessible products while providing a number of tips, tricks, and recipes to make cooking and gardening easier for a variety of disabilities. Initially Sherred took photos chronicling the cooking process for his readers, but as popularity for the site grew and the opportunity to author a cookbook presented itself, much of the past year went into developing his photography skills to a professional level. The results from that intense period of study are a veritable feast for the eyes. Photos brimming with vibrant colours and staged in a way to both showcase the skill in which the food was prepared and entice the viewer to experience the flavours the dish has to offer. Possessing a talent and creative eye only matched by his unwavering advocacy for the needs of marginalized communities, Jules Sherred is doing so much more than simply taking photos. He’s sharing the world through his eyes and letting his subjects, inanimate or not, tell their story.
Lee Simmons
Mediums: Acrylic, collage, inks, papers
Description: Visual artist creating mixed media acrylic paintings and hand pulled prints with an eye always towards storytelling.
trevor sloski
Kristin Smart
Mediums: Gallery, Instructor, Painting, Visual Art
Description: Primarily an oil painting artist Commissioned pet portraits Animal art Landscape art Whimsical art
Kaye Smillie
Mediums: Multimedia, Painting, Visual Art
Sue Smith
Visions Art Tour Society
Mediums: Jewellery
James Soules
Eva Spellman
Peter Spohn
Mediums: Visual Art
Carmen Stanek
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting
Address: 4138 Judge Dr
Laurel Steen
Dallas Stevenson
Sheree Stewart
Mediums: Painting
Georg Stroebel
Mediums: Painting
Larry Stuart
Mediums: Painting
Erica Sutfin
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Nik Sylvan
Mediums: Painting, Printmaking, Writing and Poetry
Catherine Taron
Mediums: Painting, Visual Art
Donna Taylor
Mediums: Gallery, Painting, Visual Art
David Thompson
Kaatza Art Group
Mediums: Woodwork
David Thompson
Denise Tierney
Pentimenti Art Studio
Address: Pentimenti Art Studio #101 - 10 Chapel Street, Nanaimo, BC. V9R 6W6
Jen Tinsley
Mediums: Painting
Cory Towriss
Darlene Tully
Mediums: Watercolour and Acrylic Painting, Pencil, Photography
Description: Striving to capture simple moments of beauty and fragility, I work to juxtapose the tenuous and difficult predicaments in life with an engagement of the lovely wonders that are present in the every day. The natural world is my muse.
Lesley Turner
Mediums: Fibre
Address: 687 Donnington Place
Description: I make stitched textiles to tell stories about the need for a more intimate relationship with our natural environment.
Wilson Tutube
Sa Ya Sim
Mediums: murals, digital prints,
Description: neo classic Nuu Chah Nulth style
Mony Vesseur
Antoinette Webb

After a 45 year hiatus, my daughter encouraged me to return to art as a form of therapy. I had the extreme good fortune to study under internationally renowned artist Angela Pistucci, for approximately one year before COVID hit, I now look forward to sharing my drawings in the wonderful artists community.

Barbara West
Mediums: watercolour and acrylic paints. Beadwork jewellery
Description: A self taught artist inspired by a life long passion of the colours and textures of Vancouver Island.
jocelyn west
Mediums: Painting, Photography, Visual Art
Judith Whitemarsh
Susan C. Whitham
Mediums: Ceramics, Painting, Pottery
Ruth Williams
Mediums: Music
Katelyn Wills
Mediums: Mixed Media, Photography, Visual Art
Pattiann Withapea
Mediums: Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art
Jane Wolters
Mediums: Ceramics, Painting, Pottery
Address: 9002 Chemainus Rd.
Description: Pottery: mostly functional but some sculpture. Paintings: oil, generally portraits.
Angela Woodgate

Visual artist with a background in animation. I enjoy photography, painting and pottery.

Christi York
Mediums: Fibre, Sculpture
richard young
Mediums: Mixed Media, Sculpture



“Through art and culture we illuminate inner lives, encourage new ways of thinking and inspire spectacular potential.”
- Janet Magdanz, CVAC Board

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