An intricate burned wood mandala, a stone sculpture and Métis beading and a ribbon skirt were singled out for awards at the Cowichan Valley Fine Arts Show at the May 4 opening event. About 150 people attended the opening to celebrate artists from the Cowichan Valley and beyond. The show runs until May 29.

The Best in Show award, sponsored by Excellent Frameworks, went to Nanaimo artist Devin Watson for Interdiluvian, a thoughtful wooden plaque on the theme of water. From the smallest organism to the tallest tree, water connects us to the pattern of all life, crossing boundaries of the physical and the metaphysical in its eternal journey from the highest clouds to the bottoms of the oceans and everywhere in between,” said Watson.

Jurors’ Awards (sponsored by Hand of Man Museum and Duncan Daybreak Rotary)

-Kaija Heitland, for My People are Blueberry People (chosen by David Goatley), beadwork and ribbon skirt honoring her Métis and Scandinavian ancestry.

-Paul McCuish, for Cabinet (chosen by Doug Clement), a spalted maple and sapele cabinet.

-Joane Moran, for Refresh (chosen by Brent Cooke), an oil painting of ripening wild blueberries.

Awards of Excellence (sponsored by The Old Farm Market)

-Nikki Manzie for Patroness of Land and Water, a traditional Ukrainian doll using vintage furs and fibres.

-Richard Gibson for Wind, a sculpture created from Quadra Island marble.