Have children who are interested in art? Want an activity that is both fun and educational? You have come to the right place!

Taylor, a past educator for our youth summer camps, has created three videos which teach different art concepts and skills in a child friendly way. There are three art activities which use these concepts that students will complete.

The lessons are designed to be taught once a week, but they can be done at whatever pace best fits the student, and repeated as many times as wanted.

Before beginning these lessons, view the list of supplies needed below:

The students will need a pencil, eraser, a black marker, an object to trace, pencil crayons/crayons/markers in various colours, paper and/or a sketchbook, a piece of cardstock, canvas (or canvas paper), acrylic paint in colours red, blue, yellow, white and black, paint brushes, and masking tape (optional).

They will also need access to a computer/device to access this website to watch the videos, if this is not possible please contact Cowichan Valley Arts Council and we will find a way to accomodate them.

Week One: Positive and Negative Space

Week one’s lesson is focused on teaching about positive and negative space! Students will apply the use of negative space in a fun art exercise at the end of the lesson.

After completion, drawing the outline of an object without tracing (from observation) is a fun optional challenge!

Week Two: Colour Theory

For the second week, students will be introduced to colour theory, and then create a colourful pop art painting!

For an extra project, learn about complementary, split-complementary or analogous colours. Try and use them in another painting to develop this skill further.

Week Three: Mark Making

The third and final week will teach about mark making! After a quick lesson, the students will try different types of mark making. Then, they will create a fun and unique piece of art.

Try testing random items (such as forks, toothbrushes and more) dipped in paint to create different marks. See how many unique marks you can create!