Frequently Asked Questions


What is an open art show?

An open art show accepts every entry.

So why do you have a jury?

We have three jurors who will select the prize winners. Cash prizes this year!

When can I register?

Registration ends April 9.  The show runs May 5-29

Who can enter?

Entrants must be a member of the Cowichan Valley Arts Council and over 16 years of age. 

Why should I enter this show?

To see your work hung in a professional setting, reach thousands of viewers and to enjoy the camaraderie of other Vancouver Island artists at several special events. Many established artists enter the show each year so the overall quality of the art is very high. The show is posted on the website as well as in the gallery.

What if my art piece isn’t finished right now?

Not a problem. You don’t have to submit a photo right away. 

Should I register right away?

Yes! Although it is an open show, when we run out of room, that’s it. We had about 100 artists last year. Only one piece per artist.

Where do I find out more?

Our website

More questions? Call 250-746-1633