Outstanding work by youth artists has earned awards at two new art shows at the Cowichan Valley Arts Council galleries.

The Art of Math, a show for students and artists showing the beauty of patterns from the golden ratio to Escher-like tessellations, runs March 1 to 14, 2022.

It’s a very different art show with work by both fine artists and local students,” said Cowichan Valley Arts Council Managing Director Susan Down. “The idea for the show began with a simple conversation about the beauty of mathematics. Local teachers and artists took up CVAC’s challenge.” More than 30 pieces include an architect’s model of the Mondrian condo building in Victoria (designed using the Golden ratio) and work by fine artists Wilma Millette and Claudia Lohmann.

Top individual student prizes:

Max Jung, Helena Daubner and Mia Rattazzi

Honourable mentions: Teresa Ou, Layla Walker, Abby Lee, Lilja Parham, Zak Baikie and Tavin Miller, and the Pesch and Lenchuck families.

Outstanding schools:

Brentwood College, Sunrise Waldorf School, Queen Margaret’s School

Judges Wayne Loutet and Rob Maclean said they were impressed with the creativity and the different mediums used to express the math principles.

Also opened:

CVAC’s annual Youth Art Showcase (March 4 to April 1) is celebrating young artists from 13-25 years old in the Cowichan Valley. More than 75 entries are on display including sculpture, photography, painting and drawing. Here are the award winners:

Outstanding: Jasmine Norris (Cowichan High School), Victoria Blouin (Vancouver Island University)and Wilson Tutube.

Awards of Excellence: Sharon Xian, Oliver Price, Elise Mulder, Denzel Van Oyen, Zunyl Jing and Wendy Liu.

Judges were Wilma Millette, Rory MacDonald and Michael Grimminck.

Prizes for both the shows will be awarded Friday March 11.