Strategic Planning

Here is the draft strategic plan (March 2021). Take a look and offer your feedback to the board.


CVAC Goals and Objectives for the Strategic Plan   

Note:     Strategic Plan will be reviewed by the board every 6 months to make the necessary changes in programming.

Mission: The purpose of the Cowichan Valley Arts Council is to enrich community through the lens of arts and culture.

Committees:  Family and Youth Workshops, Gallery Committee


GOAL ONE: To create opportunities for CVAC members and the community-at-large to appreciate and participate in arts and culture.



Direct, detailed, meaningful Quantifiable to track progress or success Realistic, tools and resources to achieve it Aligns with your missions Deadline  

Have classes/workshops/speakers in a variety of media, for a variety of age groups, with increasing frequency.



6 in 2021, 7 in 2022, 8 in 2023, 9 in 2024, 10 in 2025


In the studio or online


To provide learning opportunities for members and the community.


Mar. 31, 2026



Provide opportunities for youth and/or families to engage with the gallery shows or special theme shows. (ex:  Lego, Remembrance Day Show)



6 times a year


With outside events or gallery activities


To encourage appreciation of the arts



Mar. 31, 2026


Build a relationship with the Cowichan Tribes



Participation in an increased number of shows each year



Through communication with newsletter and building relationships


To bring in all the community


Mar. 31 2024


Build a relationship with the other organizations in the Cowichan Valley (Intercultural Centre, Nourish Cowichan, Friendship House,  Green Community etc.)



Increase annual participation in current activities or shows or help develop news ones

Beginning 2022 program shows in collaboration with other groups, newsletters, personal interaction    

Mar. 31 2026


Provide opportunities for children and families to experience art through online and in-person courses



6 classes per year



Online or in person

Try to match with school breaks if possible, PD days, connect with home schooling community



Ensure children can investigate their art journey


Mar. 31, 2024




Provide summer camps to engage youth when school is out in summer.


4 camps in partnership with CVRD each summer In person when possible Encourages children to investigate the arts and introduces arts activities to children Each summer to 2026  
Provide opportunities for students to participate in a mentorship relationship with an artist



As applied for


Online or in person

Supplies available for students if necessary



Ensure students can investigate their art journey



Mar. 31, 2026


Develop a comprehensive communications plan for use with the community-at-large





Model communication about other events based on how we communicate about shows


Mar. 31, 2022


Advertise and host workshops with specific purpose to encourage collaboration among the attending artists.





1 x to see what is possible

Provide meeting time in studio, provide facilitator to organize initial meeting, provide advertising, and provide promotion and  display space for products arising from the collaboration.  

To encourage creative arts collaboration and partnerships


Mar. 31, 2022


Explore emerging opportunities to bring art to the community



Have a way for the community to bring ideas forward


Direct mail campaign

New rack card


Mar. 31, 2026



GOAL 2: To develop, enhance and deepen CVAC membership




      Direct, detailed, meaningful Quantifiable to track progress or success Realistic, tools and resources to achieve it Aligns with your missions Deadline  

Artist members


Reach out to artist members via webpage, newsletter


MD, summer students


Have artists complete their artist profile



75% of artists


In person classes, Zoom classes

Have volunteers call to get artist feedback about profile

Monitor profiles to make sure they are correct



Bring artists a greater presence on the website


Mar. 31, 2026


People with some free time, enthusiasm


Art students

“Work experience” program


Open house

Media campaign

Reach out to VIU arts program to instructors


MD and board


Do a regular call out for volunteers for specific jobs

Increase volunteer host group and add new types of volunteers (board, committee members, hanging crew, studio helpers, marketing, and office help)



 Result will be at least 5 more volunteers each year. Offer curatorial training, volunteer art sessions, recruitment campaign through Volunteer Cowichan, design flyers to attract new volunteers.

Clear definition of volunteer responsibilities.


Assist with our core gallery activities  

Mar. 31, 2026


All members and prospective members


Focus groups – make sure we listen to the members, so they direct our focus and direction for projects


Social media


MD – speaker series and course/rental surveys


Be open to recommendations from members for instructors


Communicate to members to give recommendations for instructors or courses to MD


Purchase survey device




Recognize the needs for all the different types of members – art appreciators as well as artists – and ensure programming for them



Develop sampler courses for adults


Continue to develop talks and open studio program


Regular Survey/Feedback forms (based on need)


Survey device in the gallery for visitors re: their experience




“Dabble” – opportunity to try it to see if you like it


(3 hour intro workshop on watercolour/figure drawing/printmaking, etc)



To provide learning opportunities for members and the community.


Future goal


Board committee


Explore viability of an art rentals program.