Stigmatized | Arbutus Gallery | Jan 5-31

Stigmatized, sponsored by the Cowichan Valley Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), is an interactive, experiential exhibit being held in the Arbutus Gallery .

As you move through the exhibit you are invited into the pain and turmoil of substance use.  Through sight and sound you experience the daily reality of living with addiction and the significant impact stigma has in preventing people from reaching out for help.

The Cowichan Valley Arts Council is sponsoring a Reflecting Room during the run of this show. This will take place in the PORTALS space adjacent to the Arbutus Gallery. CVAC members are encouraged to drop in after viewing Stigmatized and make a piece of art, writing, graffiti, sculpture etc., reflecting their response to the show content. Call Judy Brayden 250 701-0570 for more details or to reserve a reflecting room date for your group or art club.