The pursue of dreams


The main idea for this dance video I want to convey is that when we are young, we need to have the courage to fulfill our dreams and stick to what we love. Dance is one of my habits. Even though I am not a specialist in it, I am still enjoying and passionate about doing it, because this is what I want to devote time to keep working hard with. Therefore, I want to encourage people, who might not really be confident to hesitant about their talents in front of others or shy to share their thoughts, to not care what other people’s eyes are and bravely pursue their own goals. In addition, I select these two songs also reasonable and fit with my title. The singers of the first song, Intentions, are Justin Bieber and Quavo. Although this song seems like they are talking about love, after you watch its mv, you will find that song, as I express, wants to encourage everyone to pursue their desired goals. And the second song, We Rock, is the theme song of a popular Chinese talent show called “Youth With You 3”. The contestants in this show might have been training very hard for several years and have persevered so that they could attain their own dreams. They may not be looked upon favorably, but because they love what they do, they are brave enough to prove that they can succeed through hard work. In my point of view, I think everyone has the right to do what they love.

Abbe Liu

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April 1, 2021