Blossom #4 – Reach


Brenda Isaak Takao

Blossom #4 – Reach

Mild Steel
50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm

Within the range of possibilities of any given moment there lives a state of enchantment – the chance to find and follow our bliss. When I work in my studio, that is the place where I reside.

There is an alchemy that never ceases to amaze me when working on my metal pieces, how hours of drudgery spend grinding and buffing small pieces of metal and then bending and forming begin to turn them into a beautiful shape.

My metal pieces also tend to take on very feminine forms, flowers and seed pods.  They are not always realistic.  They are not what you would expect.  And slowly, my eyes are being opened to the way the process of forming a beautiful sculpture mirrors the ways our beings as women are shaped.

Blossom 4 – Reach is yet another flower in my Blossom series.  She reaches towards the light and opens as the sun warms her, much the same way the soul of a woman is opened to knowledge, confidence and love in the right conditions.

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Posted on

April 22, 2022