Michael Grimminck


85 cm x 65 cm

I was gifted my first camera on a trip to Africa. On that trip, I fell in love with photography. I came to realize I was not just clicking pictures, I was sharing perspectives and telling stories. Photography became a passion. I love to travel and am grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph many beautiful locations around the world. This year I look forward to expanding my artistic journey by working towards a degree in Visual Arts.

Capturing a great landscape takes time, planning, dedication, skill and inspiration. Regeneration is an image that was created playfully using only my camera with no digital alteration. I wanted to blur the lines between photography and painting. At first glance, it may look to be blurred lines but look closely in different lighting and you will see the forest and familiar shapes materialize. This is a story of a forest fire, of new life, healing and resilience.

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Posted on

April 22, 2022