Pray for the Predators


Darlene Tully

Pray for the Predators

50.8 cm x 60.96 cm

Inspired by a Coast Salish story of the Thunderbird, Whale and Salmon, this painting has developed and evolved over the last year. I began exploring ideas of reaching equilibrium and playing with the metaphor. Nature has a way of achieving balance through ebbs and flows.  Perhaps humans are no more or less ferocious. This piece is my homage to non-human animals, and also a response to the human tendency to control and dominate the ‘other’, to prey on the marginalized, and serve the ego. Disquieted by the injustices I see all around me, this painting has channelled my feelings and guided them at times to the stance of witness. Rather than allow myself to be consumed by the weight of things, I work to breathe into all of the emotions that come up, and to find that quiet and centred voice.

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Posted on

April 22, 2022