Nico Meijer Drees Yin Yang Squared 2016


In this picture the black, circular Yin&Yang symbol, illustrating the Self, is set in a square outline. It is surrounded by a grey border to distinguish it from the white background. The white space includes colored objects that seem to float. This space is protected from the outside by a green, discontinuous border. In our North America culture we cherish a large living space and live protected at home, in school, at work and when we travel by car. We have become used to living inside a box surrounded by objects, such as furniture, entertainment equipment and kitchen supplies. We also need tools at home and at work. Some of these objects have obtained  an emotional value, others show our status in society and a few have a religious meaning. Together with our vehicles and other equipment around the house these objects give us peace of mind and security. Many objects have become part of our self image.

Because our society has introduced education and social health care the mortality rate of children and adults is low, with the result that changes in individual life style related to age have become predictable. There are now many, more or less balanced, personal life styles. It has also become possible to make changes during a life span. We pass through phases and each one offers us happy and dark moments to cherish.


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December 18, 2020