Lichen Dreams

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Linda Helms

Lichen Dreams

20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

I developed a fascination with clay in my early years as an art educator in Winnipeg, Manitoba. One of my favourite methods of firing came to be Raku. Since moving to Vancouver Island I have had the opportunity to be fully engaged in further exploring the many aspects of this process. Raku firing takes place outdoors in a portable kiln where one to two pieces are fired at a time according to the glazing or non-glazing requirements. This method of firing and the subsequent exposure of the clay to extreme temperature changes, a reduced atmosphere (reduced oxygen) and using different combustible materials evolves into a very intuitive process prone to desirable and undesirable effects. The immediacy of this process creates surprises in numerous ways resulting in unique and distinct pieces.

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Posted on

April 22, 2022