I recognize the ability to listen carefully in need of repair. In this year of chaos, many people tend to express themselves on social media, but forgot to listen carefully to the voices around them. Noisy become the common atmosphere in the society, sometimes I can’t even hear myself thinking, but if I can’t hear my own voice, how can I have the ability to listen to other people? I hope that everyone could find their own peacefulness and stop make the world more impetuous. Once a person starts to listen carefully to the thing that contain weight, they will gain their voice once again, but with a fine, calm tone. After then, their voice will be heard by other people.

This video was inspired by my art teacher Angela Andersen at high school, she was the one that taught me to listen and observe the details of life, so that construct the present me. This animation was based on my experience of learning in Ms. Andersen’s class when I was in grade 9, I was not listening in that class until she said: “If you could see the whale flying on the sky, you can see anything flying on the sky. ” Then I look at the window and saw the whale flying behind the window. I hope my words could inspired other people just as how Ms. Andersen inspired me.

Carrie Hou

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March 31, 2021