Tide is a Woman, 7 feet x 3 feet x 4 feet, Unframed, Metal $7000

Brenda Isaak Takao

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Tide is a Woman, and she dances with the moon. Some might say this piece was an example of ontological design & as I was bringing her into being, she in turn was shaping me and my thoughts.I started this piece with the inspiration of the name “Moon Dancer”. But as I worked, she looked to me more like she was made of water. And of course, I realized that she was the tide personified. So I gave her that name. Tide. She is ruled, pushed about, maybe even dances with the pull of the moon. Who better than Tide to dance with the moon? The more I thought of this the more obvious it became to me that the tide is a woman. This layer of thought turns back in on itself, as one realizes that all women are in a dance with the cycles of the moon. So Tide also represents all womankind. Our bodies in tune with la lune, we dance through life. Brenda Isaak Takao