I created this piece recently with the goal to use colour to express an emotion. There are many emotions that are commonly associated with specific colours, such as red being anger or love, blue being sadness and melancholy, yellow being joy, green being envy or sickness. Then there are less common emotions such as nostalgia. It is far more complex, hard to understand and describe. During the past year, 2020, I had experienced a lot of nostalgia, especially as I am now becoming a young adult and having to move on from my childhood. The stress of COVID-19 has only made this transition move along faster. Nostalgia can be an overwhelming emotion, a mix between the good and the bad memories, confronting the passage of time and the loss of memories; it is a very bittersweet emotion. I hold it very dear to my heart, even though it evokes anguish, it also reminds me of my journey to becoming who I am today, a person I am proud to be.

My name is Victoria Blouin. I am a young artist from the Cowichan Valley who is currently studying at Vancouver Island University. I intend to earn my Bachelors in visual art, where I go from there I am still undecided. There are so many options out there for me, but all I know is that whatever I decide to do, art will be a part of it.

Victoria Blouin


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April 1, 2021