As The Crow Flies


My name is Hannah Cohen and I am a grade 9 student at Queen Margaret’s School. I am very new to photography and thus still discovering my personal style, but I immediately noticed that my eye was drawn to birds. Their quick movements are hard to capture and you are lucky to find one close enough to focus on, so capturing a crow in flight like this is a rare opportunity. I find that their elusiveness makes the moment captured even more special. I am inspired by the movement you can capture when photographing birds, a quality all visual artist aspire for in their work. It gives life to a 2 dimensional piece and can even animate our flying fantasies by inducing sensory reactions. When I see photos of a bird in flight, I can almost feel the smooth texture of their feathers and the chill of the wind on my face. Humans have a fascinating curiosity surrounding the concept of flight which is often portrayed in our creative expression. Everyone at some point in their life has imagined what it would be like to fly or fantasized about sprouting wings and taking to the skies. For some, these fantasies morph into impulses, indulged by thrilling activities like skydiving or parasailing. Others choose to express it, sometimes even unconsciously, in our artwork through metaphor, photography and working aerial movement into our creations. “As the crow flies” is an expressions used to relate distances, which I choose to see as an attempt to experience the world as a crow does, from a wonderful new perspective.

Hannah Cohen


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March 31, 2021