1-art gallery, 2-the simple things, Framed, Medium: Photography

Alex Munro

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– art gallery
Pictured is an undisclosed location deep in the woods. Few have seen it but many know it. Everyone sees graffiti, some see it as an eyesore, some see it as vandalism but I see it as what it is. Graffiti is art. And that overpass, bridge, shut down factory or wall is an art gallery. Someone spent hours making an amazing piece like this in a couple hours but had to hide it away. We need more public art spaces in the valley. We need to stop hiding our artists.

– the simple things
In a pandemic, day to day life is stressful yet monotonous, rushed yet boring. During these times it’s important to slow down, I often get stressed out just being in online classes. The moment captured here was not a stressful moment. I went out for a 6 o clock hike and watched the sun rise. I drank some coffee and relaxed. But I was relaxed yet isolated. Stuck far away from my friends almost at my family’s throat.