CVAC Speaker Series | 2019-2020

The Speaker Series are scheduled noon to 1:00 pm in The Studio, PORTALS, inside the Cowichan Community Centre

Admission is by donation (suggested $5.00)

April 23, 2020  Sex, Erotica and the Victorian Garden in Literature
This talk explores the relationship between gardens and sex in Victorian literature. Gardens in Victorian novels were often linked with sexuality and sexual activity through the parallels between plant and human reproductive processes, the use of floral language and “blooming” as a metaphor for marriageable women, and the frequency with which romantic trysts and transgressions occur in garden spaces. Summer houses, for instance, are locations where people fall in love in Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White (1860), commit adultery in Wilkie Collins’s The Evil, Genius (1886), and engage in explicitly adulterous and incestuous sex in William Lazenby’s pornographic novel The Romance of Lust; or, Early Experiences (1873-76), always acting as a catalyst for these dalliances.