Brad Allen

Phone: 250-748-0934

Meddle Art

Brad’s creations are borne of imagination, re-cycled iron and the pleasures of expression. The pieces of old, forgotten and discarded iron have their own story to tell and their history of use. Usefulness begins again with the help of a torch, welder and a desire to explore the positive sides of life.

Wall mounted and free-standing two or three dimensional sculptures made from re-cycled metal.


Jock Hildebrand

A Passion for Form

My vision of sculpture has been gathered from my more than 30 years as a professional sculptor. To me, sculpture-making has become not only a profession, but also a life-long spiritual search. This personal importance influences my approach. The materials used are significant, but not the overriding issue in terms of creation of sculpture. Idea is important, as is form. To me, the ideal sculpture is a marriage of form, idea, and skill. Many of my ideas stem from my interest in anthropology and ethnology.

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West Coast Sculpture Association



Stone Sculpting from marble to soapstone. We are a group of artists dedicated to the development of sculpture on the west coast of Canada. Our goals are to educate artists and the public about sculpture and sculpture technique.