10-Swayam-BhunathAbout Beverley Thompson


Bev was born in High River, Alberta . She has shown an interest in drawing beginning in grade 5 when she had a very artistic teacher. Since then she has taken several water colour painting courses in England and Canada and the USA.

While living in Nepal, Bev met Seema Sharma Shah who became her teacher for five years in printmaking and drawing. Bev worked as an apprentice with Seema Sharma Shah and Uma Shankar Shah in their studio “atelier 2″in Kathmandu, Nepal. Seema has been a wonderful teacher – patient, understanding, inspiring and always attentive.

She convinced Bev to have two shows.


About Anaïs Gerber

Anaïs Gerber Studio and Gallery
103 – 9844 Croft Street, Chemainus

Anaïs produces original, hand-pulled lithographs out of her Chemainus studio. In traditional lithography, an image is drawn onto stone then printed using a large, mechanical lithographic press.

Anaïs’s work is primarily concerned with the feeling of awe. Her senses are constantly tuned to the cosmos, and every manifestation of its greatness produces a strong impression on her: a wind, a light, a resistance of nature… Anaïs then has to turn these emotions into drawings.

The series of prints she has produced over time is a whimsical, sometimes absurd, and always poetic collection of stories.


Printmakers Only Group

Website: POG website

The Printmakers Only Group has two official mandates:

  • To exhibit their works as much as possible

To help enlighten, educate, and/or introduce the public to the aspects of original printmaking versus various forms of commercial reproduction