Jeanne Aten


Website: Jeanne Aten Fine Art & Painting

My inspiration is light and color, which I use to play with on figures, landscapes or mixed media pieces. Using pastels, acrylics/collage, watercolors or graphite I love to explore the process of creating an impressionistic likeness of my subjects. Although I paint for my own enjoyment, I hope you can relate to, and find pleasure in my work.

Margitta Ben-Oliel


Watercolours, Oil, Acrylic, Photography, Poetry

Swedish born painter, printmaker, photographer and poet. Painted my way acrosss Canada…now Duncan.

Bold gestural pieces are my style in all mediums.
I have demonstrated at Victoria Art Clubs and given art classes, guest artist at GVAG. Moss St. Paint-In etc.
I have travelled the world…BFA from UVic.

John Blaszczyk

Phone 250-743-7017

My medium recently have been acrylics on canvas. I have worked in other media over the years.

I have always had a deep interest in visual art and have been working in art for much of my life. I am presently working on a project that focus on a region of the Cowichan Valley and depict it primarily through acrylic on canvas. I may choose to branch out and include video, photography and an art book.

I received some of my formal training at the University of Victoria, (ongoing). When I am creating art I am at my happiest and I am grateful to live in this wonderful part of the world with such breathtaking beauty that continues to inspire me.


Carol Borrett

Phone: 250 748-5224

Westcoast Watercolour

Carol Borrett paints in watercolours and acrylics out of her home studio in Maple Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Much of her inspiration comes from her travels around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Her paintings are realistic and reveal her fascination with water, boats and reflections. Her work captures the varied moods of the coastal area and way of life with a unique perspective.

Carol sells original watercolour and acrylic paintings, limited edition giclée reproductions, and framable art cards and prints. She also does privately commissioned works.


Tammy Collingwood


Painting and weaving are my way of sharing dreamworld characters and other subconsciously sourced representations of nature and it’s creatures. Being a self-taught artist, I am grateful to have had the freedom to develop my work in a genuine and unique way. I often use automatism in my process to create mythopoetic narratives, resulting in secret messages to be deciphered by the viewer at their leisure. My work is bold, vivid and interpenetrating. Enjoy!


Shirley Dickie


Generally, I am a self-taught artist. My art educational training comes from life experience. I have been art-making since grade school. So I have been an artist for the past 60 years; practicing as a professional artist since 1996. I have received numerous awards and participated in a large amount of art exhibitions both locally and internationally.


Jacob Hokanson

Phone: 250-710-1056


Jacob Hokanson’s dynamic work involves bold acrylics on vast canvases. His imagery is archetypal, at times hallucinatory and draws from the collective history of tribal spirit-work. Hokanson trained briefly at the Alberta College of Art & Design and Grande Prairie Regional College. He is a restaurateur in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, and lives in the region with his wife and two young children.


Sandy Knowles, acrylic and all other mediums

Phone: 250 733 0604


I hope when you view my work you are able to feel the same emotional connection to nature as I do. My inspirationn comes from the pebbles beneath my feet to near by shores.

Every piece of art speaks as to its creation. Weather it be pastels, acrylics, water colour, pencil, or wood carving I am always sensitive to my approach of the subject.

I am a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, Cowichan Arts Council, and Escape Artists Mill Bay.

For more information about Sandy Knowles read her Artist Profile.


Beverly Koski


Acrylic, collage, printmaking.

Bev aims for visually intriguing pieces, reflective of the complexity in each of our lives. Her art is shown in leading galleries in the Pacific Northwest and in Toronto.


Joanne Licsko



I am a contemporary realist, originally inspired by the classical realism of early still life and figure studies. My paintings reflect my personal reaction to life experiences using oils on linen or canvas.

Like so many born and raised on the south coast of BC, I have a love of the quiet beauty of our land, and the tendency toward introspection. Living many years in urban areas of Canada and the US has allowed prolonged exposure to major museums and galleries. The combination of those influences has formed within me a penchant to paint calm, intimate still life, and sometimes edgy figure studies. Living several years in the California central coast wine region, exploring the social aspect of the wine culture, I discovered the pleasure of painting the prismatic colour, circular form, and composition of wine and glass. In almost all my paintings, I attempt to create a beautiful scene that will show the subject literally in its best light.


Maple Bay Painters

Founded in 1967, Maple Bay Painters is open to artists from the Cowichan Valley and surrounding area. Our objective is to foster a positive, enjoyable group environment for artists in which to develop their skills, create and show their work.

We are always happy to welcome new members. If you are a beginner, an experienced artist or something in between, there is a place for you at Maple Bay Painters.

For more information, contact Diana Batcheler, President: 250-597-1912

To see more artwork by our members visit our Facebook page at


Bernadette McCormack

Duncan, BC
250 701-8214 or 250 737-1888

Artwork by Bernadette

Bernadette McCormack is a Canadian artist with work hanging in private collections around the world.

After years of travelling throughout Europe she graduated from the University of Calgary and began teaching in Mexico. The elements, the culture and the people of Mexico moved her to begin her watercolour journey. Bernadette’s watercolours and acrylics have bold colors and strong lines. She is inspired by her imagination, her spiritual beliefs and the beauty that surrounds us.


Carolyn McDonald, Painter- Landscapes, figures, abstracts in acrylic and mixed media.

250 743 5974

Carolyn McDonald grew up in a small town in Jamaica. She obtained her B.A. in Fine Art, and teaching certificate in Ontario, and then taught art at high school, college and in her studio. She was also a teacher for School District #79.

Carolyn has exhibited in Canada, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

Her art is often inspired by her Caribbean heritage, her travels and also by the play of light that transforms scenes into special and imaginative interpretations. Each painting is a new experiment and once begun, takes on a life of its own. Whether painting abstracts, landscapes or figures, Carolyn seeks to interpret the magic of our world in a personal and unique manner.


Naomi McLean

26 – 6111 Sayward Road, Duncan, B.C.
Telephone (250)748-2081

Drawing and painting came with growing up for Naomi as her mother taught her as a child, and she considers herself fortunate in having had good art teachers at school. She won the senior art cup in high school and attended the University of Cape Town’s art school for two years, studying mainly figure drawing, design, clay modeling, pottery and still life. Some years later she attended technical college in Durban, South Africa, studying painting and colour compatibility in oil paint.

There followed many years doing office work, being married, playing and teaching the violin, taking part in art workshops and bringing up a child.

After immigrating to Canada in 1982 she exhibited in numerous shows and sold paintings in several towns in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. She and her husband retired at the end of 2001 and moved to British Columbia, when she decided to concentrate on art. She joined several art groups and her paintings were chosen for two of the international exhibitions “Painting on the Edge”.

Landscape paintings give her a lot of pleasure, as does landscape and trying to paint it. She believes God is immanent in his creation and tries to communicate this in the patterns, colours and moods noticed in likely subjects. She enjoys trying to make a beautiful thing, believing that beauty is healing, and also enjoys solving the pictorial problems involved.


Karen Nelson

1830 Gillis Road, Cowichan Bay, BC
Telephone (250) 710-0276

Karen Nelson Silk Art Studio

Karen creates in her ocean view home studio in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Karen is skilled in handpainted silk: paintings, scarves and bellydance veils/sarongs. As well, she has a variety of watercolour paintings and cards displayed in her studio.

Karen is inspired by the peaceful nature of Vancouver Island and its abundance of birds and flowers. She uses her talent to create heart-warming pieces of imagery.


Bev Robertson

Phone: 250 929 4560

Bev was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley with a natural talent for art. She always had an interest in art She taught Folkart painting for many years but never really pursued her passion of fine art painting. Now painting full time she is letting the years of pent up art flood from her in a flood of colour and light. Capturing the light is what she loves to do in all of her paintings whether it is in a flower or in the light in reflecting glass.

“Light is what sets the mood and brings a familiarity to a painting.”


Catherine Taron, Vancouver Island visual artist

Phone: 250-748-5467

Self-taught in water media techniques, Catherine has a Bachelor of Science (Geography). Prior to taking up painting fulltime, she worked for Parks Canada at Pacific Rim National Park and in Calgary, and for the Government of British Columbia in Victoria. Her paintings are inspired by the geography and the natural and cultural history of Vancouver Island, working primarily in acrylic and watercolour media. Catherine has lived in the Cowichan Valley since 2003. She is a member of the Canadian Federation of Artists, the Cowichan Valley Arts Council, and the Ladysmith and District Arts Council.


Jen Tinsley

Duncan, BC
Phone: 250 701-9985

Tinsley Design

Jen Tinsley has a B.A. in Art/Secondary Education and has taught art in schools in the United States, Ukraine, and Canada. Currently she resides in Duncan, BC.

Jen Tinsley loves to explore the many beaches and forests of Vancouver Island. Here she finds her inspiration for her acrylic paintings. She takes her camera with her during outdoor excursions and paints from her photographs. She enjoys playing with colour, light, and shape within a composition, aspiring to not just depict a place but also a mood.

Jen also paints murals in homes, offices, and businesses. One of her recent murals is in Mellor Hall at the Cowichan Exhibition Centre. Most of Jen’s murals have been of landscapes, animals, and children’s themes. Please contact Jen directly if you are interested in a mural.