Metal Work

Mixed Metal Mimi

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“Whilst trying to tread lightly on the earth I’ve found a way to create beautiful things out of time worn forgotten treasures”. ~ Mimi Roy

When asked why I choose to make art I smile and simple say because it makes me happy. I’m delighted every time I find a vintage treasure to upcycle and create a piece from its dented, scratched, history filled surface.

I use recycled mixed metals such as brass, silver and copper. I came upon this medium quite by accident. I had a copper pot sitting on my work table, when I glanced up at it I didn’t see the pot but a pair of funky earrings. That put the ball in motion for me to scour shops for vintage platters, bowls, plates and cutlery. Each purchase intrigues me because there are so many secrets, history and mystery locked in their blemished, tarnished exteriors. You never know what was served on these beautiful pieces, or who might have eaten from them. Some pieces date back to the early 1900’s when times were simpler. These metals have hidden beauty, they were discarded, just pieces of metal floating around out there with no further purpose but I see beyond that. I love the challenge of taking this forgotten treasure sawing into the metal, torching, filing, sanding, forming, polishing and finally designing and assembling it into a wearable piece of history.. Art!

By using upcycled metal I am doing every part to keep the beauty of jewelry, without the price of the environment at stake. This is a medium that’s not overused which makes my jewelry unique. Customers can be proud to know that their jewelry purchase supports small business, artisans, handcrafted products and the eco-friendly movement.

My work is constantly evolving and taking on a new life, which in turn creates one of kind pieces that are on the way to making new history.