Peggy Brackett – dichroic glass jewelry

Phone: 250-246-3991


Peggy Brackett is rapidly making a name for herself here in the valley designing, and painstakingly creating, dichroic glass jewelry the quality of which is second to none. From the initial colour matching, through the assembly, fusing, cutting, re-assembly and final grinding, Peggy pays careful attention to all the details that make apparent the beauty, high quality and craftsmanship of her finished work. The same care and craftsmanship is evident in the most recent additions to her line: hair clips and strong, chunky adornments for men that she calls “Tablets”. Belt buckles for ladies and cufflinks (for men) are on her drawing board.

A member of the Cowichan Valley Artisans, Peggy welcomes visitors to her studio in Crofton. Call ahead (250-246-3991) or take a chance.

Rene Deerheart, jeweller, teacher of metal clay, carver of wood, extile artist

cell: 250-701-5203

I have recently been focusing on jewelry using silver, copper, metal clay, set stones, beads, and found objects. I also have been dabbling with my take on Steam Punk influenced style.

I have been carving wood for the last nearly 20 years after spending phases as weaver, spinner, dyer, papermaker, teacher of basketry, art store co-owner and later bakery co-owner. In the last few years my fascination with metals has been rekindled. I have successfully completed the requirements and received certification to teach techniques with a new medium called metal clay. For those who have not heard of this, it is a putty-like form made of minute particles of metal (silver, copper, bronze, and even gold) mixed with a non-toxic organic binder and water. It can be formed in numerous ways, dried, further worked such as carved, sanded, drilled, sawn, or bonded to other dried parts with its own slip. It is fired in a small kiln and needs little further finishing after the binder is burnt off and the metal particles sinter into solid metal. I have been making my own constructions and casts for metal clay as well as painting many many layers of metal clay slip onto seed pods and other organic forms to create unique pendants.

I also have returned to using textiles and constructing cloth forms such as cords of quilting cottons and Japanese Obi fabrics to hang original metal clay focal beads. I use Celtic and Chinese knotting also. In a light mood I have had fun with some bracelet/cuffs called “irrational threads” made of fabric scraps and randomly sewn with beads and trinkets. They provide a very loose approach in balance to other more precise and intricate work. I suppose that although I have working in several creative media and hold myself to a high standard of excellence in design and execution, I like to loosen up and feel the spacious freedom of presence and joy. My website shows some of the work I have been doing in the most recent years.

While I am working with my hands to create and express myself artistically, I am even more involved in Spiritual Awakening and often read, attend retreats, and inquire into Life from many perspectives.

  ~ Learn more about Rene Deerheart and read her “Profile of an Artist” as written by Gloria Lorenzen.


Morgan Saddington – Jewellery Designer

Studio: Morgan Ann Designs
Phone: 250-748-6688 or 250-732-6686


Working primarily in sterling silver, Morgan creates beautiful pieces using traditional silversmithing techniques combined with classic chainmaille patterns. Her studio is open by appointment, please call ahead.